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The overwhelming sentiment about going to the dentist seems to be that it is “scary”. We recently saw a statistic that listed going to the dentist as the number 1 reason for making people nervous, just above #2 which was heights (fear of heights). That fear inevitably fuels the low percentage of consistent dentist visits that we see across the world.

In our Rock Hill, SC dental office, our team at Carolina Smile Design is determined to make a difference for those who fall into this “fear of the dentist” category and help them enjoy the dentist. Queue the creation of the “Dental Spa”. Our team worked tirelessly to create a unique look, feel, and experience that you don’t find at your average dentist’s office. From the front waiting room to patient care areas, Carolina Smile Design provides a warm, comfortable, and high-end atmosphere, very contrary to what you might have envisioned while reading our opening statistics.

When you walk into our office you are immediately met with a sleek and comfortable waiting room featuring a beautiful couch and seats, artwork on the walls, and friendly faces. As you move back into the patient care area you will notice that modern artwork follows you on the walls and brightens your experience. If you weren’t sold on the idea of the “dental spa” after being in the front waiting room or walking through the patient care area, just wait until you sit down. The chairs are massage chairs. That’s right, our chairs feature an optional light massage feature which really rounds out this unique dentist office experience.

So if the warm and welcoming waiting area, the artwork, AND the massage chairs don’t make you forget your fears, Dr. Ann Kirol and our team of hygienists will. Dr. Ann truly takes her time with her patients and cares that they have a uniquely positive experience at our Rock Hill dental practice.

So, whether you are an adult or a teen, going to the dentist is different when you choose Carolina Smile Design. If you want to overcome the fear of going to the dentist, visiting an office like ours is a great first step. If you come and leave still scared of the dentist then we haven’t done our job! Come on in and experience the “dental spa” at Carolina Smile Design for yourself and learn to enjoy the dentist in a whole new way!